Additive AK5+

A n t i K n o c k F l u i d AK5 + is a concentrated additive used to increase the octane number of unleaded petrol/gasoline from the pump.

AK5 + eliminates both the knocking in the cylinder head and the pre-ignition and post-ignition phenomena, allowing an increase in engine performance.

AK5 + can be used in both supercharged engines and turbo engines, be it for racing or for normal road use. AK5 + used in one dose of 3 per thousand, increases the number of octanes of normal unleaded petrol/gasoline by 5 points = .

How to use the product: To mix properly, pour the product in a container or directly into the tank, and then add unleaded petrol/gasoline.

Use in doses of: 1 litre for every 1,000 litres of 95 unleaded petrol/gasoline, up to a maximum of 3 litres per 1,000 litres of 95 unleaded petrol/gasoline.


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APPLICATIONS: Perfect for all CARS and MOTORCYCLES, both for normal road use and for racing • Increased number of octanes Superformula AK5 + is sold in 500 ml bottles.

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