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The Racingpedalboxes RPBH001 handbrake presents an optimum design to be used as hydraulic handbrake in racing cars.

The pedal is manufactured with steel welded parts, with a lightweight design to improve the stiffness – weight ratio.

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-Assemblable as vertical or horizontal handbrake.

-Designed for Wilwood or Girling master cylinders.

-Very robust and reliable design.

-Multiply ratio is 8:1.

-Ergonomic grip.

-Handbrake setting is made for the floor through four screws 6mm metric.

-The weight is 1,5 kg without master cylinder and 1,9 kg with master cylinder.

-Possibility to assembly a brake pressure proportioning valve and brake line locking valve.

-All the components have anticorrosion coating to allow the maximum durability.

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