102 Thunder is the fuel designed to satisfy the requirements of the Targa Tricolore Porsche Trophy, ideal for aspired and turbocharged engines. It is fully conforming to the F.I.A. and CSAI standards.

Thanks to the presence of hydrocarbons blended with aromatic and oxygenating agents, it ensures a high heat-generating power and an abatement of approx. 20/30 degree of the temperature in the combustion chamber.

This cooling, combined with the metal protection due to the presence of specific noble metals, helps preserving the engine inner parts such as valves and pistons. It is very popular with the rally cars of the groups A and N for its great resistance to detonation and its excellent oxygenation.

Conditions of Use: There is no need to adjust the spark advance, while, in some cases, it is necessary to increase the fuel flow rate.

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