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Pedalbox drifting & rally (hydraulic clutch)

The Drifting & Rally RPB0003 Pedalbox from Racingpedalboxes is the best choice for these types of race cars.  The pedalbox is designed to be fixed directly to the floor or on guides to adjust the position for different drivers.

The pedalbox is manufactured with steel welded parts, with a lightweight design to improve the stiffness – weight ratio.

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-The pedals have a wide surface to improve the driving and make easy the pedals combinations.

-The throttle pedal has an adjustable wire mechanism. The pedal rotation angle, the wire stroke and the wire direction are adjustable.

-The brake pedal has double master cylinders and balance bar. The pedal ratio is 5:1.

-The balance bar diameter is 7/16”-20 to provide the maximum stiffness. The master cylinders connections are 5/16”- 24, for Wilwood or Girling master cylinders.

-The clutch pedal is hydraulic, with master cylinder and a stop to prevent pedal over-stroking.

-All the pedals have anti-slip surface.

-The pedalbox weight is 3,4 kg without master cylinders and 4,6 kg with master cylinders.

-The pedal axes are manufactured with high quality steel to guarantee the maximum stiffness. Thanks of the nut torque adjustment is possible to regulate the lateral movement of the pedals.

-All the components have anticorrosion coating to allow the maximum durability.

-The footrest support allows to have a comfortable driving position.

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