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Seats OMP Art

Racing seats FIA homologated upholstered in AIRNET fabric with totally printable design.

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Customized FIA 8862-2009 homologated seats:

  • HTE ONE Art (part n° HA/761E/ART)
  • HTE ONE Art XL (part n° HA/798/ART)
  • HRC ONE Art (part n° HA/789/ART)

Customized FIA 8855-1999 homologated seats

  • HTE CARBON Art (part n° HA/768E/ART)
  • HTE CARBON Art XL (part n° HA/779E/ART)
  • WRC CARBON Art (part n° HA/769E/ART)
  • HTE Art (part n° HA/772E/ART)
  • WRC Art (part n° HA/773E/ART)

Piping and harness slots are available in several colors to match with your own seat design.

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